Composting and Vermiculture go together. We have decided to make an experiment and try out some of the methods recommended in YouTube. We first compost all the organic matters for a few weeks and then use them for our Vermiculture project. So whatever the bacteria have not mastered in terms of fermentation, the worms will take care of the rest. Click here

Part 1 of how to make quick compost. (Credit to many You Tube sites about composting, especially the Berkeley Method, and composting in Hawaii.)

Reasons for Composting:
1. Many people become more health conscious and prefer vegetables organically grown.
2. Lucrative use of waste material
3. Protection of the environment, reducing trash, garbage and filthy waste turning it into something super beneficial
We are experimenting with the different methods of making organic compost the fastest, easiest and cheapest way. One of the methods we seem to like, is the Berkeley Composting method, which can produce compost within 2-3 weeks by containing the heat in the compost pile.
In part one we just show how we gathered different materials around us like rice straw, leaves, branches, banana trunks and leaves, manure from our sheep, saw dust etc. that can be used for composting. We could also use, paper, cardboard, wood pieces, kitchen scraps, but for this initial experiment we limited ourselves to the above. One thing we have learned is, the smaller the particles, the faster the fermentation. Therefore we have spent quite a few days chopping the leaves etc.