An Amazing Four Year Old

I have watched a lot you tube videos about extraordinary children and their accomplishment at a young age. Be it singing, plying basketball or an instrument or beauty contest etc, but I have never seen a video of a child performer where the character and extra ordinary maturity was emphasized. So I decided to give it a try.

A family with their 3 children from a minority tribal group in the Philippines is living with us in our Logos Training Center for minorities. While the parents are working on language research and development, their children are playing around and helping in the garden. I am getting more and more curious about this family and the way they raise their children compared to our Western upbringing.

Honestly, I have never met any kids in all my travels around the world, that displayed such a mature mentality and lovable attitude. That's why I decided, to document some of our every day experiences with them, starting with Hesel the 4 year old girl. Some of Hesels actions are prompted by our request, but many are just spontaneous. Not to forget to mention, these kids belong to the poorest of the poor in the jungle of the Philippines and yet they seem to be so much richer when it comes to the real values of life. Click here


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