People are not afraid of listening to a story but they are afraid of preachers with their Bible under their arms. 

Marianne's personal experiences with Bible storying

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Read what impact the Bible Storying workshop STS made in Marianne's life

Using Bible Storying with non-christian friends

Testimonies from people in the Philippines after they have attended a Simply The Word workshop

Ministry Empowered. (Pastor Jehu Palawan)
My entire ministry has been positively affected since I have been using the Bible Storying approach. Many young people were added to our church. They have been trained to take leadership in evangelism and discipleship and they are excited to take the Gospel in story format out into the streets to reach the neighborhoods, children and young people. My prison ministry and sharing with the police force as a chaplain also took on new dimensions through using Bible Storying. On one of my prison visits, one of the inmates said, pastor I don't want to have a Bible study today. I said, thats ok, let's just talk to each other, "magkuwento lang tayo". He agreed, so after talking a while I said let me tell you a story and I told him about Mary and Martha in Luke 10. He listened intently and after I finished, he said; "Now I know what my problem is, I do not take time to listen to God”.

Fear of public speaking removed. (A lady from the Kalanguya language Group, Luzon)

"I am a worship leader in my church, but I have never been able to talk in front of many people, I just lead the singing. After participating this week in the Bible storying training and discussing the story in a small group I can now stand up and speak in front of you all without to much fear. I was never able to do that before".

Shy people gain confidence... (Tribal chieftain)
A chieftain of a negrito group in Palawan was a very quiet person. Even in public political meetings he would just say a few words and then sit down again. After the storying workshop the filipino missionary noticed a big change in him. This quiet withdrawn leader became the motivator of the entire group, encouraging them to participate in the discussions.

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