News Update 2016

2016  The second New Testament in the Agta language will be dedicated this year

The work among the Agtas in Palanan has been started in 1989.  Churches have been planted, leaders trained, missionaries from the Agtas have gone out to other language groups and now the Agtas them selves have finished the New Testament. 

2013   The New Testament in Paranan has arrived

Theme:  Making a website

Guess what, we are learning how to make a website. if you want to know more about it, keep reading. 

About 30 of us from many different language groups are attending a 10 day website workshop in Manila which is sponsored by our organization. You may ask "why in all the world do you have to get into this complicated Internet stuff"? Well, we want to share the Word of God in every form and shape with the present generation. Therefore we too have to update our methods in order to communicate more effectively. We are learning how to put our translated Bible, Bible Videos, Songs , Bible stories in audio format and printed materials which we have produced the last 30 years onto a secure Website.